Comfort Foods

What is comfort food? Well, it’s very simple. Comfort foods are foods that bring you great comfort. It is food that you can curl up with. A big mug of steaming hot chocolate, a rich beef stew with lots of winter veggies, ice cream straight from the tub.

No Dress Code

That sort of eating requires no frill or furbelows. Comfort food doesn’t have to be fancy. You can eat it in your PJ’s, or wearing your Sunday best. It’s a feeling, not an occasion. A hearty pie with plenty of nourishing veggies. A crisp sandwich. Marmite toast with lashings of butter. Porridge with local honey. These are good foods to fix a hankering, to fill a hole, or to mend a broken heart.

Made With Love

Comfort foods can be born of a memory – the cottage pie that your Granny used to make, dirty hamburgers from your favourite restaurant, or the best apple crumble & custard you had at that cosy pub in Ditchling.
These foods are wrapped up in emotions, often entwined with childhood feelings of love, safety, of being cared for. You can dine alone, or with family, friends, or in a room full of strangers, but it’s the food that fills your soul.

Food Memories

The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, resurrecting memories not just of eating food itself, but also of place, setting and emotions.

The smell of cinnamon can throw you back to Christmas in Berlin, a fresh pot of tea can throw you back to cuppas and catch-ups with your bestie. The taste of your favourite Côtes de Provence rosé wine can bring about a smile when remembering your wedding day.

Meaningful food memories are deeply embedded within us and, more often than not, they are made in pubs.

Comfort food isn’t just for the winter, but our seasonal menus showcase this best of all in the coldest months of the year.