World Cocktail Day

Unofficially, the origin story of cocktails starts in the 18th century.

Everyone knows that cocktails hit their hey-day during the prohibition area, but did you know that they were first inspired by potent punches served in Britain? These were originally made from a selection of spirits, fruit juices, spices and other (often anonymous) additions.

Things aren’t so different today, and we Brits still love a cocktail more than ever – though we’ve many more exciting garnishes, mixes and spirits to play with.

To celebrate World Cocktail Day, we’ve shaken, stirred and mixed-up this little guide to find help you find the perfect summer spritz to suit your personality.

The Lively One


If you’re the absolute life & soul of your friendship group, then the Paloma is the spritz is for you.

This cheeky tipple boasts a neon Fushia colour, a zesty hit of mouth-watering pink grapefruit, and a full-on whack of Tequila.

It’s as in your face as you are.

Best quaffed in our garden on a sunny Bank Holiday Sunday (oh, don’t forget your sunnies)

The Posh One

H U G O  S P R I T Z

If you like the finer things in life – such as sipping drinks with your pinky up – and consistently played the role of Posh Spice, then the Hugo Spritz is the drink for you.

Pairs beautifully with our smoked mackerel pate, and best enjoyed in our light, bright restaurant with the rest of your bandmates by your side.

Juniper-y goodness courtesy of gin from the oldest UK distillery (Plymouth, of course) and welcome sweetness from Elderflower cordial. A drop of Prosecco finishes the drink perfectly; making it as pleasantly bubbly as your personality. Bottoms up!

Naughty But Nice

W I L D  H E D G E R O W  S P R I T Z

Well balanced, sweet at first, but with a joyous mouth-cramping sourness to follow. Sound like a bit of you? This drink suits someone who can be described as both naughty & nice.

A real non-alc beauty which is anything but sensible, and is considered a bit of a dark horse.

Rather tasty, beautifully unique and doesn’t bring on a beast of a hangover upon the morrow.
Sip at your leisure tucked into in a nook in our bar, for maximum enjoyment.

Cheers to that!

Classic Summer Babe

M O J I T O   S P R I T Z

If you live for the summer sesh, own more than one Hawaiian shirt, and are the first one slipping on your flip flops, then you’re gonna love this classic.

This punchy Mojito made with Havana Club rum, Mexican lime & fresh mint, is as much a summer staple as your factor 30.

So if you’re prone to walking on sunshine, then hotfoot it to the Bull for a genuine taste of summer (best bring a brolly, just in case)

Have you selected the perfect spritz cocktail to raise a toast to World Cocktail Day?

Have fun tasting your way through our new Spritz Menu, and let us know which ones are your favourites. Have fun!

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