Food With a Story

Landlord Phil and the team here at the Bull are very passionate about supporting UK suppliers, striving to use the best local products & ingredients where possible. We think food tastes better when it has been loved, considered, tended to and when we can trace its provenance.

Some of you may have spotted The Sussex Peasant’s pop-up store in our car park every Thursday from 9am and you just might be wondering what they’re all about – aside from selling the most vibrant vegetables, fresh salad, local eggs and now even freshly caught day boat fish, that is.

The Prologue

The Sussex Peasant are a community of Sussex farmers who, in their words ‘desire to change the face of hospitality and food retail, returning food and drink to what it once was. The enterprise will drive society to eat and cook food that is local and well farmed.’
Well, we just love that, and we’re happy to support their endeavour and to champion local producers & suppliers. This week, we let our Head Chef Lisa out of the kitchen and sent her to buy some fresh, seasonal produce to create a special dish for our customers.

The Beginning

Lisa began by perusing the fish counter and selecting Skate & Dover Sole as her centre of plate, caught that morning by the crew of the Jessie Alice, landed in Newhaven. She then moved on to have a nosy at the fruits & veggies before selecting a bunch of crunchy pak choi, some potatoes and an armful of gorgeous purple kale, before scampering back off to the kitchen!

The Middle

Lisa knows the benefits of eating local food (as she’s a personal trainer when she is not chef-ing!) and knows that the cycle of the seasons produces food that perfectly supports our bodies health needs throughout the year.

She cleverly fillets the fish, and crafts the spuds into crispy cubes, before finishing the leaves and plating a beautiful dish. Phil offers to be the offical taster but is swiftly ‘shooed’ from the kitchen.

The End

Well, by the time we’d chalked up the tally on our specials board, the food began to WHIZZ out of the kitchen. Lisa’s dish was greatly enjoyed and Katie received glowing feedback from the hungry customers.

Most food stories have a happy ending in our opinion, but the tale doesn’t end there. This worked so wonderfully, and was so well received, that we will be selecting new produce each Thursday and showcasing the best of seasonal British specials every week.

So, do come and join us to sample the best local produce, cooked with passion, and enjoyed in our lovely pub.