Three Reasons to Visit the Pub this Christmas

The pub is for life, not just for Christmas, and we know that the Bull is a hub all year round. Togetherness, joy and nostalgia are all wrapped up in the magic of Christmas, and here are some perfectly valid explanations as to why the pub is at the very heart of the silly season.

Cosy Vibes

The spot next to the open fire just has to be the finest seat in the house. Our beloved regular’s eyes light up when they see it’s free, and gleefully skip to bask in the fires glorious glow. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy a mulled wine, and comfortably toast in your best festive knitwear.

Avoid Chores

You don’t want to waste your precious family time slaving away over a hot stove, or elbow deep in soapy dish suds.
Christmas is a time for chilling with your pals over a bottle of Chardonnay and sharing a piping hot baked camembert. Don your bobble hat and journey to the pub, to escape your responsibilities and absorb every single drop of Christmas spirit that you can.


Seasons Eatings

The best thing about Christmas is the food – abundant and indulgent – and we’ve got all your festive favourites lined up.
From the finest British cheeses, to tart Ruby Port, roasted joints of meat, a riot of winter veggies, and the most decadent puddings.

So, there you have it.

There’s nowhere quite like your local pub, providing far more than just a pint – that feeling of belonging, of being taken care of, and that warmth of Christmas spirit in every nook & cranny.