Twelve ‘Yays’ of Christmas

Finally, our favourite time of year has rolled around once again.

It’s safe to say that we’re more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve, in new PJ’s, hyped up on hot chocolate and fistfuls of Quality Streets.

There’s just so much to love about Christmas. Not just the big day itself (thought that is magical) but all the peripheral bits that really tickle our tinsel, and build our anticipation.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to count down to Christmas with our very own super-superly exciting reasons to help us (and you) to shake off that inner-Grinch and get fully into the festive swing of things.

1. Sprinkling the Twinkling

O Christmas tree O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches (the sustainable decs are pretty nice too, actually.

After a busy shift, our team stay after dark (that could be any time after 3:30pm) and spend time flinging up garlands, carefully placing Nutcracker figures, and decking our halls with pine cones, twigs, dried oranges, lights and a partridge in a pear tree.

Just kidding about that last one. Though we do have pheasant and partridge feathers dotted about, so that definitely counts.

2. Winter Walks

It’d be easy to spend winter hibernating in your lounge pants, but there’s plenty of winter wonderland-esque beauty-spots to tempt you outside.

Ditchling is lovely for a mooch. Whether it’s a gentle stroll round the village, feeding the ducks, popping into St Margaret’s Church to light a candle, or a ‘proper’ hike up the Beacon.

Snuggling up on your cosy fleece, taking in the views, and puffing your breath out like a dragon is great, but warming up by the fire afterwards is even great-er.

3. Chestnuts Roasting over an Open Fire

In fact, you can forget the chestnuts – just pass the mulled wine.

Huddling up and defrosting your toes in front of an open fire is something akin to self-care. Hands cupped around a hot cup, taking little sips, and watching the dancing flames.

A sure-fire way (see what we did there?) to warm your cockles.

4. Toast-worthy Tipples

So many cork-poppingly good opportunities to raise a toast in December.

 Do you stick to cheers-ing the festive season with a traditional mulled wine? Or like shaking things up and celebrating with a fancy cocktail?

No Christmas celebration would be truly complete without clinking a glass of something fizzy with a friend. Cheers to that.

5. Friends & Family

The festive season is the best reason to get together with the people you love.

Those must-do-this-more-often drinks with pals, catching up with Nan over coffee & mince pies, and gathering your much-loved ones for that Christmas Day.

Those occasions fill our little cup of happiness right to the brim.

6. Epic Christmas Films

Fancy cuddling up on the sofa with a fluffy blanket (and some good snacks) for the annual viewing of your favourite festive films? Of course you do.

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like watching Die Hard. What? That’s definitely a Christmas film (just ask landlord Phil)

Lose yourself in a world of snowmen, reindeer, aggressive henchmen, candy canes, elves, and all manner of Santa Claus calamities.

7. Belting Out a Carol

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing? Silent Night? O Little Town of Bethlehem? Little Donkey?

When it comes to Christmas carols, there are some true bangers. Coming together with others, standing out in the cold and singing our hearts out gives us real joy.

8. All the Good Eats

For us, Christmas is a month long feast-fest of all our favourite foods.

Starting the day with your advent calendar choccies, and snacking all the way through the day – all those delicious picky-bits for dinner, rather than a proper meal.

Turkey is the pivotal part, of course, but (for us, at least) it’s all about those seasonal side-kicks  – smoky pigs in blankets, mountains of crisp roasties (dipped in gallons of gravy) and a cheeky cauli cheese. Plonk them in the middle of the table and you’ve got yourself a festive feast.

9. Gifting

Tis the season for goodwill to all men (and women) and gifting is a big part of it.

Landlord Phil says he loves to help his kids to home-make and hand-deliver (uber-glittery) cards, to help impart the joy of giving.

Gifting is a double kindness, It makes the recipient feel blessed, and it makes us feel pretty good too.

10. Stop and Smell the Cinnamon

It’s easy to get caught up in Christmas shopping, life admin, plan-making and all those mini-stresses that can come with silly season.

It’s important to take time to stop and smell the cinnamon.

Make a moment for yourself to sit and breath in the combined scents of Christmas spices and wood smoke. Remember the origins of Christmas – what the season is all about.


11. All the Cheese

It’s a snack. It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is everything. We even wrote a haiku about the importance of cheese at Christmas. Enjoy.

Stilton, Cheddar, Brie,

Cheese is a meal at Christmas,

Cheese is everything

12. The Big Day

The stuff of dreams. The all-guns-blazing, full-on feast that is Christmas Day.

For you, maybe it’s a day of late-rising, followed by chocolate & Champagne for breakfast – or perhaps an early awakening followed by a bleary-eyed cuppa tea. New clothes, fancy smellies, peculiar Secret Santa’s, a pair of socks or even a shiny bicycle,

For us, a day of showing-off. Warm welcomes and cold bubbles. Laughter, well-wishes, and the most important meal of the year – planned for months and prepared with love & care.