Wine and Mindfulness

Perched on the edge of your seat, slinging back a glass of some anonymous rosé wine with one hand, and catching up on emails with the other is absolutely NOT down time. ​Aside from the fact that this is an excellent way to induce heartburn, don’t you think you deserve better than this?

Commit to the Cause

Good wine and mindfulness go together like port & cheese, and we say it’s the perfect time to stop the mindless scrolling and be truly present in the moment.

Forget the nameless ‘House Red’ and treat yourself to something premium, like the Chateau Gaudin Pauillac and relish every single delicious sip of it. Have a read of the tasting notes – powerful – cassis – earthy – seek these qualities with your nose and tongue. Can you uncover any others? Intimately know this wine and you’ll discover a hint of blackcurrant jam, tobacco, black cherry.

Pair it with Friends

Completely submerge yourself in the experience and we guarantee that you will notice things like never before. Lots of time and energy goes into the creation of this beautiful wine, so grant it the undivided attention it is worthy of. Try it with a friend, talk about the flavours, share the moment.

So, go on. Finish reading, then simply slide your phone back into your pocket and peruse the wine list again. Commit to full immersion in your moment and we guarantee you will be a master of Wine & Mindfulness in no time.

Like any self improvement process it will be hard work, but with discipline and regular practise, you’ll soon get the hang of it.