Our Best Review (Like, Ever)

We get loads of great reviews here (humble brag) but this guest’s feedback is so artfully worded, that we just had to share with you.

Skye manages the very cute-and-quirky Blackberry Wood (just round the corner) which has camping, glamping and tree houses no less – so she is something of an expert when it comes to overnight-ing.

She booked-in a two-night stay in Room 2 (the ‘blue room’) at our lovely pub. Sky checked-in and chilled-out, and here’s what she had to say about her stop-over.

” As a child born in the 1980s, I grew up in the ‘proper pub’ era. I miss home cooked food, a real open fire, roast potatoes on the bar every Sunday, good conversations and so much character in a pub building. I love looking around at old beams, decor and imagine the people who enjoyed it before I was born. Life somehow seemed simpler and slower then.

Now living in 2024, it seems like we’re all trying to catch a breath, in a world that is so fast paced and at times, beyond stressful. We all need an escape, even if it is just for a night or two.”

” I spent two nights at The Bull, staying in one of their Cosy Rooms. From the minute I walked in, the team at The Bull were so kind, attentive and friendly, which makes you feel at ease immediately. My room was immaculate, with absolutely everything I needed and more. Everything is set up in a way that is relaxing and inviting. The Nespresso coffee machine, an amazing shower and the bed were the highlights of my stay.

Lisa who works at The Bull, makes a seriously mean bed; I honestly didn’t want to get out of it once I was snuggled up. Best bed ever: genuinely.”

“The food was absolutely sensational. I had the pleasure to have all of my meals at The Bull during my stay. From Eggs Royale for breakfast, to the beef burger for dinner, every mouthful I ate was sublime. My best plate of food was the beefburger, which I had twice during my stay; it’s that good. The Bull are really attentive with asking if you have any allergies; they really want to take care of you.

I would like to thank Philo and Matt for taking such good care of me during my stay.”

“Philo is the absolute gem of The Bull. A beautiful, big hearted Irish lady who has been at The Bull for sixteen years. She is full of love and cares so deeply about taking care of people. It made my time at The Bull even more special, so I would like to say a massive, extra special thank you to Philo. “

“Spending two days resting in a gorgeous, comfy bed and going downstairs occasionally to eat was absolutely wonderful, and so needed. I left The Bull completely devastated that my two days had flown by so quickly. I’m already planning my next escape, and it can’t come quick enough.

If you’re reading this and feel like you need to escape for a couple of nights, I cannot recommend The Bull enough. I honestly felt like a different person when I left, compared to when I arrived. I felt lighter, calmer and more at peace. Located just near the South Downs, it is a prime location for walkers and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Ditchling is full of old, quirky buildings, which makes my heart sing with joy. “

“It’s not just a pub; Phil and Vikki have done an amazing job of making it feel like a pub from the old world, as I call it. My nostalgic feelings from being a child come back as soon as I walk into The Bull. In a world becoming slowly full of pubs with no character and cheap microwave food, The Bull is an absolute pleasure to spend time in.

Thank you to everyone at The Bull for keeping some of the old world alive and kicking; we need it so much. I’ll see you all again very soon.”